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Bachelor Parties 
Rock the boat baby !!       

Is your best mate getting married and you want to organise their perfect bachelor retreat combining relaxing moments in turquoise waters with endless nights of partying on the islands?

Are you about to tie the knot and want to celebrate in the most unique and ideal way?

Make your last celebration of being wildly single an unforgettable experience! Treat yourself to a "Bachelor Sailing Party" in the company of your friends, travelling towards the islands of the Argosaronic Gulf or the Sporades in high spirits!!

Sailing races
Join one of the racing crews and live an unforgettable lifetime experience!

Want to live the excitement of a sailing race but you don't know where and who to contact? Bluemed Sailing can act on your behalf. Whether you are an experienced crew and you are looking for a race boat, or you just want to join a team we can make all the appropriate arrangements for you so you can participate in one of three major sailing races.  

Bluemed Sailing operates 2 fully-equipped sailing boats with two skipper-athletes on board where you'll be actively involved in racing the boat.

If you have a sailing licence and wish to acquire more experience, or even if you don't have a licence but just want to become acquainted with the basics of sailing, then BlueMedSailing has just the thing for you: day-long or two-day training trips to enrich your knowledge and brush up your skills. Each boat will host groups of 5-7 individuals so that individual attention will be guaranteed while securing an affordable price for participation.
If you don't already have a team of interested participants, you will be assigned to a group. Our trainers are highly experienced, truly love sailing and are thus ideally quipped to relay facts and skills

Gain the exrerience you desire                                              

Training weekends 
Summer in Greece