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Sail the Ionian sea
The Ionian islands have a rich history that stretches to the depth of time. The events that unfolded and moulded their history were independent of those of mainland Greece as they were never part of the Ottoman Empire nor did they experience the Turkish occupation like the rest of Greece.

The islands scattered in western Ionian Sea maintain their unique features whose Venetian influence is most pronounced. Green gems cloaked with pine and olive trees, Corfu, Cephalonia, Zakynthos, Ithaka, Leukada, Paxoi and the slightly more remote Kythira have a sweet, moderate climate, deep, refreshing waters and a rich cultural heritage courtesy of the enormous progress made in the arts.

The enchanting Eptanisa (seven islands) will enthuse you with their idyllic, green landscapes, endless golden beaches, caves associated with myths and nymphs, pristine waters but above all will captivate you with the warmth and hospitality of their residents. Visit the hinterland of the islands, sample their gastronomic pleasures and local products and make your dream holiday come true!

Summer in Greece
Ionian Islands

Main Islands : Cephalonia ·Ithaca ·Corfu ·Lefkada ·Paxi ·Zakynthos ·Cythera

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